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As part of our ongoing customer service improvement programme, our local administration service has been centralised to a dedicated support team in our Dublin office

South Mall was, I would imagine, as good as it got in Cork. The vestiges remain – the solicitors, banks, financial offices, accountants et cetera. You know, at heart, that the ‘customer service improvement programme’ is exactly the opposite. Well, opposite for the customer, that is. We are deconstructing society, red brick by red brick – the ballast of ships bringing cargo from Holland to this once vibrant street. People once lived here – there may be the odd straggler still left, but not many I’d wager. The polished brass nameplates, now removed, proudly bore the name of a person not a nameless, faceless corporation and its ‘dedicated support team’. If we choose economy instead of community, put profits before people what society will we hand to our children, or grandchildren in my case.

Perhaps it is the abysmal summer weather that is subliminally influencing the tone of the writing, but a good friend commented that she loves the blog but would like something more uplifting. Well, Cork did offer some redemption on a wet Monday in July in the form of ‘Seán Keating: Contemporary Contexts’, curated by Dr Éimear O’Connor. It is a stimulating and challenging exhibition and, when time permits, I will be looking at ‘The Tipperary Hurler’ in more detail.