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Having pestered others for twenty-plus years about the critical necessity of backup, I was a bit aghast when, in a feverish flu-ey state several years ago, I blithely deposited some two-years-worth of digital photographs in the trash. Then pressed empty. No backup. This was in the pre-Cloud universe. It did, ultimately, force me to reassess and instigate better practice.

Imagine my delight, therefore, when idly browsing the contents of an ancient, damaged, external disk drive to discover a host of photographs that I thought had gone forever. Treasure trove. It was like a joyous and unexpected meeting with a long-lost friend.

I share this one: taken on Parnell Place shortly after seeing the incredibly moving Salgado exhibition, Exodus, at the Lavitt’s Quay Gallery at the end of July 2005 when Cork was, for one brief starburst, European capital of culture. Exodus contained a body of work by a world-renowned photographer. The above photograph is a single image. Any tenuous connection between the two is purely a random act of synaptic imagination on my part. Make of it what you will.

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