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An unstructured, unedited (as yet), free-associative early-morning post.

I can still remember when …
there still was post, early or otherwise.

The title – where does it come from?
I am at home. I am not abroad or a broad

Everything is … (an ellipsis)

First thought of the morning was Everything is Derivative
A virtual peregrination which leads …
… where?

Home Thougths, who was that again?
Anyone who can weave Worcestershire into a song lyric deserves great credit.

Give it where it is due.

How is Worcestershire? Is it still the same between us?
Juxtaposition. From the mundane to the poignant.
Is it still the same between us?

Post: when people wrote on paper
A line or two wouldn’t go amiss

Clifford T was not alluding to drug use …
… but what is that lyric that contains
a line or two

Rattling round in the cerebellum

Just will not come to me.

Google is no good for lost chords
How can we search for something we do not know we have lost?

The space between ‘the same between us’ AND ‘not the same between us’, not even Google can find that.

What was that great graphic I stumbledUpon during the summer.

At least I remember what to look for.
[google” “with or without you venn diagram”]

One of my many failures was as a Maths teacher, but despite being hilarious this depiction is incorrect. I think. Surely this diagram depicts a space which is With ‘AND’ Without you. Note to self: must ask the brother he is the statistician in the family.
Repitition: depict(ion), maybe deviation too.

Does the graph not mean Bono cannot live anywhere? Or, cheap associative shot, anywhere but in tax exile. ‘U Pay Your Tax 2’

Ah, finally, it has come to me. Leonard, is it not always Leonard these days.
… everybody knows that you live forever … when you’ve done a line or two

This is from Lissadell. I was there too. No, really, I was.

And heard echoed those famous lines of Yeats
Oh, to be in Sligo, now that August’s here.

So it goes.

Time for breakfast – not one of champions.

Add-end um

John Murray on the radio asking people to name songs that have a special meaning for them.
Of all things he plays My Sweet Lord!
… serendipity, or what

Krishna, krishna. Hallelujah.
All credits where they are due.